Inspiration, June 2011

     As adults, we’re supposed to set a good example for the children around us.  In BJJ, we should also nurture and feed their love for the sport.  That means showing them what hard work can accomplish and acknowledging their accomplishments.  You always have to be on your toes around kids though, because they learn so fast.  They are constantly raising the bar for us adults.  What starts out as us being an inspiration to them can quickly change, and they become an inspiration to us.  So, watch out for that new generation coming up.  They are learning quickly and will advance the sport beyond our imagination.  We will need to train twice as hard just to keep up with them.  And of course, I have a video to prove it.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to Santiago Ramos of Revolution Martial Arts and Fitness.  Kids like him should be an inspiration for us adults to quit sitting on our bums and get out there and train. 

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