Houston, We Have A Problem

     “Houston, we have a problem.  The circuits are fried and all communication lines are down.”  I wish it was that easy to fix my current BJJ issues.  I’m in a “phase” (at least I hope it’s a phase) where my mind and body are not communicating.  My mind is not flowing when I roll.  It keeps stalling out.  I feel like I’m just reacting, and what little reaction I have is considerably delayed.  I’m not getting submitted, but I’m not playing MY game.  I’m allowing my opponent to play THEIR game, and I’m just vaguely attempting to  defend.  When we’re working techniques, my mind is giving instructions, but my body is on vacation.  It’s like lugging around sand bags with no arms to hold them.  On the off-chance I do jump-start a little movement, it’s stilted and awkward.

     Normally, I feel smooth and fluid when I move.  My body will execute a technique before my brain can finnish sending the signal.  This “phase” is frustrating because I know I can do better.  It’s frustrating because I can’t stop the spiral that I’m beginning.  Yes, it’s a fast spiral down a rabbit hole called frustration.  My mind and body’s not doing what I want it to.  So, I obsess over it.  When I obsess over it. my mind and body stall out even more.  Then I get more frustrated and obsess more…  You see where this is going?  “Houston, we have a problem.  Houston?  Houston?  Are you listening to me?  Houston?  Are you there?  Oh yeah, the communication lines are down…”  😦

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