Lots of Notes to Self

  1. It is now summer.
  2. It is hot and humid in Houston.  We’re already having 100+ temperatures.
  3. Your body needs twice as much H20 for class.
  4. Proper hydration is not a fly by the seat of you pants task.  It’s a contiuous task you have to do in and out of the gym, all day long.
  5. Your caloric needs increase in hot weather.
  6. Eating well cannot be acheived without proper planning.
  7. Increasing the number of training sessions can not be acheived without time management.
  8. Clear the mental clutter so that you can focus during training.
  9. Review the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion.
  10. Sleep is very important, so get some.
  11. Don’t write blog posts titled “Now I’m The One Sharing Too Much,” while sleep deprived.

*Remember the day your body crashed in class.  You didn’t prehydrate that day before class.  You only took one liter of water to class.  Not nearly enough for 100 degree weather.  You ate Mike’s low fat veggie fajitas.  (only 200 calories for a 750 calorie class.)  I know it was good, but you didn’t take snacks to class either.  Remember how you pooped out in class and had to sit out for a bit.  Remember how horrible you felt that night.  You suffered from headache, nausea, and aches.  Remember all the water, food, and ibuprofin you had to take in to try and correct your self neglect.  You felt really bad that night and it was all your fault.  So, don’t do it again!

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