Sumo Wrestling Jits-Judo Style

I went to Bryan’s Judo class and ended up doing Sumo Wrestling?  Yeah, he had us do a Sumo Wrestling drill.  (See Fox and Hound drill)  Not only was it fun, but it also demonstrated the importance of one’s base, body positioning, and movement.

Sumo Wrestling rules are as follows in brief:

  • If you step out of the circle, you are disqualified.
  • If your knee touches the ground, you are disqualified.
  • If your hand touches the ground, you are disqualified.
  • If any part of your body touches the ground (besides your feet), you are disqualified.

Everybody starts by taking off their gi top (no handles to grab), and their belts.  The belts are then positioned on the floor to create a competition circle.  Two people step into the ring and try to make the other person disqualify themself.  The winner stays in for the next match, just like king of the mountain.

The purpose of the drill is to shift one’s focus.  When one trains in gi, they tend to focus on grips (hands).  When one eliminates the grips they have to focus on what is truly important for stand up and that is one’s base (feet).  Body positioning becomes very important.  How one positions their body as opposed to their opponent’s body position determines who has control of whose center of balance.  Movement also increases in importance.  One doesn’t have the gi to extend their leverage points, so more of their leverage is created by movement (feet).  Weather one is moving in angles are circles, they have to use the movement of their feet to create leverage and move their opponent.

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2 Responses to Sumo Wrestling Jits-Judo Style

  1. goldkimberly says:

    This sounds brilliant. I want to try this.

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