And The Body Remembers

The human body has the amazing ability to remember past training and conditioning.  As a former body builder, my muscles “remember” those days and six weeks hitting the weights would yield me with the physique of a body builder again.  As a fighter, I had a ten-year lay-off after shoulder reconstruction surgery.  When I finally stepped back on the mat it was amazing.

My youngest son went with me my first day back.  He was right by my side when the instructor called out “Ten crescent kicks”.  In unison, our right legs circled up and snapped sharply at the top of the kick and then returned to fighting stance, ten times.  The instructor’s eyes bugged out and his jaw dropped like a character in an old school cartoon.  Ten years of not training and I was still able to stun a third degree black belt with my kicks.

I read a story about a former Special Forces guy in his late sixties.  He and his wife were on a tour bus in South America.  That bus was stopped and boarded by thieves.  That sixty something year old man broke the arm of a knife wielding attacker.  I’ve seen a world champion Judoka perform precise throws after a ten-year lay-off from an injury.  So, even through the injuries and other life interruptions your body will remember.  What you learn in combat sports will stay with you.  That knowledge is yours.  It is a part of you.  It is who you are, because the body remembers.

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6 Responses to And The Body Remembers

  1. Ashley says:

    What an eloquent reminder to those not training due to injury/life that your BJJ ain’t going no wheres. high five!

  2. Allie says:

    That is a really cool story. Gives me hope if I ever have a major injury. Also, it IS really cool how your body remembers what to do.

  3. Georgette says:

    Oh thank goodness. Only off the mats and out of the gym a week and a half and I’m already feeling like it will never come back to me 😦

  4. Georgette – You not only OWN your Jiu jitsu, it’s a part of you. You haven’t lost it. You just haven’t needed it!
    -BTW Girls in Gis at my school in October! You will be there right?

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