What Did Jodi Do?

I’ve been hanging out on the Predator BJJ Clothing Facebook page this week.  I had a lot of fun chatting (harassing) with these guys and all of their Facebook friends.  There were some sweet contests too, and some even sweeter prizes.  All good fun there.

Megjitsu has been working with them on a new women’s gi called the Predadora.  Me really wants one of these.  The Predadora gi has a clean elegant look to it, with a nice color palate.  The guys at Predator BJJ Clothing tell me that it will be out in September.  Just in time for my birthday.  HINT!

They also have other gis coming out later this year like the Raptor, Sinistro, and of course the lady’s Sinistra.  So many, I can’t decide which one  I want.  There is also a nice looking no gi line.  I’m not a spats girl, but these actually look nice.

Currently they are having a nice sale on the Predator BJJ BJJ Gi – Predator MKII – Pearl Weave White – RRP: £74.99  Their Price:£69.99(You Save: 7%).  A quote about shipping on their FB page said, “And only $15 shipping to the USA….and that covers 2 Kimonos. Bargain!”

I’m really excited about this company and what they’re bringing to the table.  Might just have to jump the pond to buy my next gi!

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