I Am Velcro

I ended up in a no gi class…  I never do no gi, but I thought I would give the guys at the Pinemont school a break.  So I drove out to the Katy school instead.  Happy accidents!  I got to train with a girl!  We had a guest instructor  ….and I became velcro!

We did a side control drill.  Top person tries to hold side control and the bottom person tries to escape.  The instructor split my partner and I up for this drill.  I didn’t question it, but maybe it was because she was so much bigger than me.  I guess he didn’t know that I normally train with guys almost twice my size.  Which, I guess is why this drill is difficult for me.  He put me with a smaller young guy instead.  He was still bigger than me but not by too much.  I took top position first. *That just doesn’t sound right*

In my mind I imagined that I was industrial strength velcro and heavy as a boulder.  A really big boulder.  Every time he moved, I readjusted, keeping the pressure heavy and maintaining constant contact.  I left no gaps for potential escapes.  Try as he might he was never able to detach himself and escape.  For the first time, I was able to hold side control on a guy, for the entire drill.  I know he was just being nice, because I’m a little old lady and all.  But it still felt good.

For the second part he was on top.  I quickly slipped out from under side control and into guard.  He looked down at me and warily asked. “How long have you been training?”  I replied, “Two years BJJ and over ten years in martial arts all together.”  Then he released this long slow deep breath, as if to say, “Whew, maybe I don’t suck so bad.”  Which made me think, “Maybe, he wasn’t just being nice and I actually did become velcro.”  If that is the case…  Maybe I am finally getting the hang of this BJJ stuff.

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