The Cat’s Out of The Bag…

For some time now, I have managed to compartmentalize my life.  I have my work life, my gym life, my personal life and my writer life.  I’ve been careful to not let one facet interfere with the other.  At the urging of a dear friend I consolidated all facets of my life this week through Facebook.  So, for those of you who didn’t know…

  1. I’m a Respiratory Therapist in one of the busiest emergency / trauma centers in the United States.  I work with a lot of amazing and wonderful people.
  2. I’m a mother with two grown boys, ages twenty-three and twenty.  I think they’re special.
  3. I’ve trained in martial arts for over ten years.
  4. I write a blog.
  5. And to my old friends from Mississippi and Louisiana – Yes, I’m still 112 lbs, 5 ft tall (or short), brown eyes, reddish-brown hair (with a few grey hairs now), and I don’t think I’ve changed too much (until I look at a picture). 

I spend a great deal of time with a lot of people and very few of them actually know much about me.  Until today.  I connected my blog with Facebook.  So, if you read my blog, you can find me as Jodi Lynn Baughman on Facebook.  And if you’re on Facebook, you can find out more about me by reading my blog.  A link to my blog should post every day at 5:00 PM, Houston time.

BTW, I write mostly about martial arts and the emotional side of training.  However, thoughts on other things do creep in from time to time.  I try to respect other people’s privacy.  There is a lot of out pouring of frustration.  Then there is my odd sense of humor here and here.  I also try to inspire people and reassure them, that things are going to be OK.

So there, the cats out of the bag.  I’m a fighter and I write about it!

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13 Responses to The Cat’s Out of The Bag…

  1. slideyfoot says:

    Hooray for Facebook! Always cool to be able to meet the person behind the blog. Hopefully Shark Girl will one day feel comfortable enough to write a similar post, as she’s still an international woman of mystery at the mo. ;D

    • LOL! I love Shark Girl! She’s soo funny and writes so well. She also has a refreshing perspective on the world. I’m planning to post some pics of me soon. I’m a little camera shy though. If you bring a 235 lb man in the room and I’m like, “lets roll!” However, if you bring a tiny little camera into the room and I’m running for the hills!

      • slideyfoot says:

        Yeah, her blog is awesome. I can’t remember when I first started reading them, but your blog and Shark Girl’s are easily my two favourite new blogs of 2011. I look forward to those pics! 😀

      • Lol, don’t hold your breath on the pics. Jk, hopefully within a month. Thanks for the compliment!

  2. Shark Girl says:

    So, I was going to make a comment on how brave I think you are for outing yourself. And then I saw this. I am blushing right now.
    Maybe it’s a short girl thang?
    : )

    • ROFL!!! I still haven’t posted any pictures of myself! About three hours after “The Cats Out of The Bag” posted, I had this panic attack! I was thinking, “Oh crap, I just dumped my whole life onto one plate and now it’s all tangled up like spaghetti. I hope it tastes as good as spaghetti!” But, it’s actually a big relief too. I no longer have to tap dance around conversations when people ask me about my personal life.

      On a side note… It just so happens that I outed myself on gay pride day… My site statistics shot through the roof and I couldn’t figure out why. Hours later I realized that they thought I was coming out of the other closet.. DOH!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s not everyday I get a visit from an international woman of mystery! 😉

  3. slideyfoot says:

    @Shark Girl: You know you wanna… 😀

    @Jodi: Hah – excellent! Hopefully some of them stick around and check out more of your blog. Good excuse for me to add a link to my post on homophobia and BJJ. There is a Pride event here in Bristol soon, so I’ll have to wander round in my Gracie Barra Bristol wardrobe and see if anyone looks interested. 😉

    • Slidey, that was an excellent article on homophobia and BJJ. I’m also glad that Doph weighed in on the subject. I always enjoy his writing. This also gives me an excellent opportunity to thank the lesbian community. The lesbian community has been breaking down gender barriers for ages. They opened a lot of doors for women like me. They got out there and proved that women can be strong and athletic. As far as gay bashing, I haven’t seen any in Houston. But we are a very accepting community in general.

      • slideyfoot says:

        Thanks! And yeah, I’ve also got good reason to thank the gay community, Dolph in particular. He has been a big help to my PhD research. There are lots of books I would never have gotten hold of if it wasn’t for him.

      • The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community never ceases to amaze me. With the Moldova gis for kids project, Shoyoroll’s auction for charity coming up on ebay, and the simple kindnesses like you experienced with Dolph and BJJ globetrotter has experinced on his round the world trip. I feel truly blessed to me a member of such a phenominal global community. I do thank you for reading my blog. That really means a lot.

  4. Shark Girl says:

    @ slidey: I can’t out myself now that you have given me such a cool title.

    @ all: I love the homophobia & bjj article as well. As someone who likes to pretend she has some good gaydar, I think there’re one, if not two, non-outed guys on my mat. I’ve never seen overt homophobia rear its head, but I’ve often pictured myself saying something like, “Come on, you guys aren’t really homophobic. You wouldn’t be here if you were.” If you all have a better response that I should be practicing, please share. I am committed to standing up for GLBT concerns!

    • @ Sharkgirl -Maybe you should sign all of your posts and comments A*K*A The International Woman of Mystery. 😉
      @ Slidey – I think that you may have inadvertently created a monster, of whom will forever remain a mysterious shadowy figure.

      • slideyfoot says:

        Gah: foiled by Austin Powers references! 😉

        @Shark Girl: Yeah, I’d be interested in hearing more about how to deal with homophobia in class, or indeed other forms of bigotry, from the instructor’s perspective. Something I mentioned here a while ago.

        I asked my current instructor, whose response was that it is basically about building up the right atmosphere, which makes sense (one of the things I like most about his club is the way he makes a real point of doing that).

        Does that ever come up when you’re teaching Latin? Though I presume the age range there is a good bit lower, meaning the maturity level is presumably lower too (though age isn’t always a good marker of maturity, of course :)).

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