Task List – July 2011

My body’s starting to feel a little better.  I still have a lot pain and stiffness from those “my body’s falling apart” episodes.  The orthopedic Docs have always told me that it takes about a year for soft tissue injuries to heal completely.  Because of my Familial Loose Joint syndrome, it sometimes takes a bit longer than normal.  A smart person would not push their luck…  I’m trying really hard to be smart.  With that in mind, I want to set some realistic goals for July.

  1. Priority one, train three times a week.
  2. Focus on the open guard positions.  I need to develop smoother transitions  and better foot placement.  My open guard sweeps are there.  I just need to finese them.
  3. Develop an intimate relationship with the cross collar choke.
  4. Make time for friends and do activities that don’t revolve around jits.
    1. Texas Rock Climbing Gym with Rachael.
    2. CrossFit Elevate with Susanna.
    3. Kayak class at REI with Barbara.
    4. Swimming pool with neighbors.
    5. Beach twice, with anybody that will go.
    6. Visit Gracie Barra – The Woodlands for a Muay Thai class with Eryn.  (I know it’s fighting but it’s not jits.)

That’s enough about me.  What are you doing in July?

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