Why Would You Do That?

Conversations with a guy in a bar was posted by BJJGrrl on the 25th of June.  On the 26th of June I found myself in a similiar situation.  I was having dinner with my non-jits friends and of course I’m talking about jits.  This new guy (he’s a really nice kid, he just doesn’t know how jits is) in the group looked at me and screwed his face up into a WTH expression.  Total confusion and disbelief on his face.  Then he asked in what appeared to be disgust, “Why would you do that?”  My dear friend interjected and explained things to him in a very nice politically correct way.  This happens ALL of the time and anoys the wiz out of me.  I’m always polite, because they just don’t know.  I will always answer in a polite politically correct way.  So, I don’t want to actually tell somebody this but these things do run through my head.  So, here and now, I gotta let the sarcastic smartass out!  I want to express the crazy thoughts that run through my head everytime someone asks me that question!

  1. Why don’t you do jits?
  2. Because I want to live my life, not watch it pass by me.
  3. It’s a Helluva lot more fun than being a couch potato.
  4. Because I don’t want to be “FLUFFY” like you.
  5. Why do you sit on your bum all day and do nothing?
  6. Did you pack your mind in your lunchbox and your lunch in your head… MEATHEAD?
  7. Because Jits is fun.
  8. Because Jits challenges me.
  9. Because I don’t suck like you.
  10. Because Jits is never boring, unlike you…
  11. Because Jits requires advanced problem solving skills, but you wouldn’t know about those…
  12. Because Jits is the ultimate game of Chess.
  13. Because Jits is the ultimate game of Twister.
  14. Because Jits is the ultimate roller coaster ride.
  15. Because Jits makes me strong and beautiful.
  16. Because bones make the coolest sound when they break!  Wanna see?   😉
  17. Because I train with some of the best people in the world.
  18. So I don’t have to talk to stupid people (like you).
  19. Jits teaches some sweet body mechanics.
  20. Jits develops reflexes that will save my life one day.
  21. Uh… yeah… NO!  you are sooo not getting laid today.
  22. No, I’m not gay, and even if I was, there is nothing wrong with that.
  23. It’s what all the “cool” kids are doing these days.
  24. Jits breeds confidence, but you don’t know what that is either…
  25. Because I have a life.
  26. Because I can.
  27. Because people like you don’t do Jits.
  28. Because I’m not a coward hiding in a box.
  29. Because I like to choke people.  Let me show you! 😉
  30. Because I am the puzzle master, and Jits is the ultimate puzzle.
  31. Because Jits is who I am.
  32. Because I am Jits.
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4 Responses to Why Would You Do That?

  1. Ashley says:

    hahahah! BEST LIST EVER!!
    #15 and #21 are definitely my faves.

  2. Georgette says:

    I confess, #17 and 27 are my faves.

    • I have to agree Georgette, the BJJ community is amazing. It is full of wonderful, caring, and generous people. There is something about BJJ that builds character, and also weeds out the people who choose not to develop their character… I hope you get well soon! 🙂

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