I Cried Today

I cried today when I was playing catchup on Christian Graugart’s blog BJJ Globetrotter.  Here is an exert from his post “Visiting Drive In’s, where kids who attend school, train for free”.

“It is a competition team, training seriously to win competitions and give the kids the chance to create a better future for themselves through sport. Drive In is not charging anything for the training. In return, the kids must every week show their attendance sheet from school. If they have attended school, they can train. If not, they get kicked off from the team. “

Christian is not only a talented martial artist;  he is also an accomplished photographer and writer.  It’s an unique experience to view the world through his photographs and words.  I promise that your life will be changed for the better, if you just take a moment to visit his website.  Thank you Christian for sharing your adventures.

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