Judo Surprise?

I was sitting at the Katy school waiting for BJJ class, watching the kids class and surfing the net.  (Revolution in Katy has free wi-fi)  A message alert from Facebook popped up.  So I clicked over to Revolution Dojo’s Facebook page to check it out.  Earlier, I had left a message to one of the Jits instructors thanking him for teaching me a new technique.  The Judo instructor, Jaime had left a comment for me.

Jaime said, “Well you will need some throws for the arsenal.”

(Feeling safe waiting for my BJJ class, sarcasm raised it’s ugly head) My brat reply, ” Jaime, I’m here at the Katy school.  Where are you?”

About thirty minutes later I’m on the mat stretching before class, when I hear a soft deep voice say, “Hey Jodi.”  I turned to see Jaime, the six-foot four-inch Judoka black belt standing over me.  oops…

Judo Surprise!  Apparently Jeff, the BJJ instructor and Jaime, one of the Judo instructors had plotted a switch.  Jaime was teaching class.  He had us do some basic Judo drills first.  Then he taught us how to capitalize on…  Well, that would be top-secret information.  Let’s just say our team has some game changing techniques for tournaments this year.

So, I have decided that Jaime and Jeff are right and I need to spend more time in the Judo classes that are included in our school program.  After all, we start standing up in BJJ tournaments.  It seems like the person that gets the first throw has the advantage.  I’m reworking my training schedule, in order to attend more Judo classes.  It’s offered on Tuesday nights in Katy with Jaime and Thursday nights on Pinemont Street with Bryan.  I work one of those nights each week, so I can only make it to one Judo class a week.  By the time my shoulder completely heals and I can compete again, I’ll have my own Judo Suprise…

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