Role Reverals

I was having coffee at my friend Kathy’s house.  Her grandkids were running around laughing, playing and picking on each other.  They finally got bored doing that and decided to torment us.  Suddenly the six-year-old says, “Clomiphene is a drug given to women who need help getting pregnant.  It is usually the first drug a Doctor will give you.  You take it once a day and then when it’s all gone you could get pregnant.”  Now, I’m thinking, “Note to self – stay far away from that drug.”

The conversation made me think about some things that I had learned from children.  The week previous, I was helping to monitor the kids rolling.  I watch this one girl cross collar choke three boys.  I was thinking how I never did get the cross collar choke.  I studied her movements and made lots of mental notes.  The next day while rolling I pulled out a cross collar choke.  Of course the instructor was allowing me time and room to work.  Afterward he showed me how to tweak it and make it more effective.  The next night, Jeff covered a new variation on the cross collar choke.  I feel really good about that submission now and have decided to add it to my tournament game plan.

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