Dying to Dye

My first BJJ gi is still in good shape, it’s just boring.  I find that I don’t want to wear it because it’s so boring.  I guess I’m having a girl moment.  I’ve looked at a lot of different gis.  There is a beautiful Vulcan women’s gi in lavender and Gameness has a similar model in lavender.  I like both, but they cost a lot.  Almost twice as much as a plain white gi.  Considering that I’m not a pink girl,  the dark pink of the Kyra Gracie gi is growing on me.  But it costs a lot too.  Then I remembered a post by Georgette about dying gis.

I’ve looked at the Dharma Trading Company site that she recommends.  The web site is very informative and the price is very reasonable when compared to the price of a new gi.  They have an excellent collection of colors.  I find that I like the Orchid color.  It’s a bit darker than lavender, but not too dark.  They have detailed instructions and an easy ordering form to make sure that you get everything you need.

I think that this would be a fun way to revive a boring gi.  It might also hide the red wine stain on the pant leg…  Then I could get it embroidered with a design of my choice…  Yeah, this might be a good option for me.

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