Me Swears It’s Not Contagious

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I try to be an efficient person.  I’ll combine activities and such so that I can make the most of my time.  Yeah, that doesn’t always work…  Recently, I wanted to have coffee with a friend but I had to do laundry.  I decided that I would just do laundry at her house.  Kill two birds with one stone, right?  It worked out great.  We had a wonderful visit and my laundry got done.  No harm, right?  Wrong!  I forgot how sensitive to laundry soap I am.  I’ve used Gain laundry soap for over twenty years.  On the few occasions that I tried a different laundry soap, I’ve broken out in hives!  Yeah, I’m allergic to my friend’s laundry soap.

A few days later I started breaking out in a rash.  At first I thought it was a heat rash from the climate.  But no, it ended up being a full-fledged allergic reaction.  My silly self, I thought I would just rewash all my cloths and that would be the end of it.  No, my body is now in full allergic reaction protection mode.  Even though  allergen has been removed, my immune system response won’t stop reacting.  I’m now taking three different medications and taking daily Aveno Oatmeal baths.  If I’m so much as an hour late taking one of the medications, I start itching again.

I missed training Wednesday because of it.  I didn’t want to miss the Women’s class on Friday.  So, I talked to my instructor about it.  He asked it I was contagious.  I said no it’s just allergies, and I just want to watch.  He said that since it was allergies and not a contagious rash, that I could train if I felt up to it.  I told myself and him that I probably shouldn’t, that it might cause my skin to react again.  However, it’s hard to just watch a BJJ class.  About half way in I was participating.  The amazing thing is, I didn’t break out because of it.  I actually think the endorphins released during exercise helped.  After class, my skin felt better than it had in a week.  However tonight, I lost track of time and forgot to take my medicine.  I started feeling that itch again…  One time, this lasted for a whole month!  While I’m waiting for my body to figure out that it is over-reacting, I may look like a leaper, but me swears I’m not contagious!

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